Knock on the Sky, Listen to the Sound


when Flynn is Knocking on the sky and Listening to the sound, made me realized that he is the maker and he is observing, gaining all the energy, power by focusing and relaxing,.. in other words, praying which leads him to do miracles.
It can be a dangerous thing to control it and the consequences but, it needs practicing.

Last year in November, I had this moment to plea so bad.
it was probably my first prayer at midnight in a dark room. I was knocking on the sky and listening to the sound.  I felt something around me…like im floating in the air. My focus level was increasing the more I was listening, and the more I listened the stronger my feedback/ communication bonded. It kept me still, stable. Don’t remember how long I stayed in same one position and what made me to go back to bed.
It was a wonderful experience as it may work wonders!

probably, when we’re in such state, we start to listening higher or lower level of frequencies which usually are not hearable to any normal human. we might be spiritually talking to other unseen substances from other dimensions or universes.

This powerful connection is what I feel lacking in my life fiercely ..yet I think I should wait.. don’t want to plunge into this condition again cuz it’s so powerful and can lead to wonders.
which reminds me of superman that he had to wait to disclose his powers to the world !

Knock on the Sky, Listen to the Sound