success doesn’t come easy

i been numb, depressed for last few days…and i don’t know how long its gona stay like this.

im spending more, eating unnessarily.
i feel unfocused.


how it all started…
my good close female friend passed away, suddenly at her home.she was such a gem, down to earth , funny, jolly person. i was thinking about her when i read this sad news. i was in shock, big time! it was hard for me to believe. she was really dear to me..such persons hardly come around..
today , my collegue’s dad passed away..death is a reminder to us all.
everytime i attend a leads me to new doors to think.
it was a reminder how im gona bury my father when the time will come.

now, i’ve lost my respect for my parents. i come home, numb, not intersted.
its terrible when the parents are not sincere with their children. and that bonding has faded away. and im worried that with which mindset im gona honor them, or bury them.
i feel dead inside, hopeless.

im losing focus everywhere. my work’s productivity has gone bad! i feel not interested in making money or getting new/more projects.
to live a life is to live with the right people and im not lucky enough esp at home.


success doesn’t come easy

Above The Trees (Dedo Remix)

I discovered this track and the album back in 2013.
I listened to these tracks a lot!

and then I forgot, maybe I found new playlist.

Last night, I found it again surprisingly while going through my facebook profile old timeline.


I haven’t  remember merely listening to a track and doing nothing… and it feels SO good. just me and my music, far away from anything.
but this made me feel like..past, present and future. It made me realized.

oh, i miss my good music.

sometimes i think i’m blessed with such music and artists.


Above The Trees (Dedo Remix)

memory remains

its funny how one thing connects with another that u never imagined of.

I was watching Jersey Girl last night, there was one song  and the vocals sounded familiar which lead me to a song i used to listen years back, astoundingly.

It was today is the day by Aimee Mann.

Isn’t it strange how time is connected with past and future!
Its like time is circulating around us for a purpose.
Its like.. to see our past, we’ve to go thru our future.

think about it.

memory remains