you know what sucks…wait!

i want to move on..

trying my best…dont know why the delay .
its giving me headache, stress, anxiety .

what kind of trail  im in…
my vision is clear , im so stucked and it sucks!


p.s. hammock songs are the only ones that give me peace n calm. makes me feel like back home where i grew up..where life had good vibes. …sighss



The world is small, wonderfully so- you can and do reunite with the good ones.


How is this even possible, I mean why/how such a strange co-incidence. Right when I start making up my mind…God starts working in mysterious ways. Call it a good timing or a lucky day. [Dated March 2nd]

It then empowers me the hope I almost lost…I might be wrong but it could be a good sign to align my thoughts.

As they say “never forget your roots”. So I think HOPE keeps me motivated and consistent.


Lost In Translation

bill murray

And when I turn around, it takes a bit time to realize the reality.

I’ve never listened to Hammock before BUT it haunts me back to the places, roads that passes by whenever I listen to it.

The places I used to wander alone, somehow they have left every moments.
I wonder if I’ll ever remember Lahore streets, the people, food. Thou, living among the same national people but …still feels lost.

Every place has its own beauty, its traditions, the culture and every person has its own mindset too!

Stepping out of your door and you are home. While looking at these black font letters, it felt like grey color. Homecoming.

Lost In Translation