Sweet Dreams

How fast can you dream. How valuable your dreams can be.

Cuz dreams happen in mind rather than in scale of time tangibly so they can be as fast as they can. They might happen to be according to our wish for pleasure, what we’re thinking or a sign, a warning maybe.

For example, I saw one apartment in my dream last night and it was really refreshing, from its white color & interior.White walls, white bed. I can still imagine the study room and the book shelf. It was unlike I’ve ever seen in real life.It was happiness. Somehow it gave a happy ending feeling. 😛
Its balcony where the corner end of it was made of see-through-window-glass and I could see thru the floor down below all the cityscape at a higher elevated level, it was one hell scary view!

I became an architect in my dreams.

Sweet dreams.

Sweet Dreams