Above The Trees (Dedo Remix)

I discovered this track and the album back in 2013.
I listened to these tracks a lot!

and then I forgot, maybe I found new playlist.

Last night, I found it again surprisingly while going through my facebook profile old timeline.


I haven’t  remember merely listening to a track and doing nothing… and it feels SO good. just me and my music, far away from anything.
but this made me feel like..past, present and future. It made me realized.

oh, i miss my good music.

sometimes i think i’m blessed with such music and artists.


Above The Trees (Dedo Remix)

a sequel…maybe

17th Dec – Sat

Along with her sis, talked to both but got confused what to talk further. There were only 3 of us, it was kinda dark empty space/room.
What blew me up was she listening to NIN! I told her that their songs are about harsh, hate, curse and revenge.

Not clearly remember but I think I touched her face, hair…or maybe I was close to her or getting Closer. I can still visualise that memory, half of her face lighting up with my hand.

Wait a sec, is it a sequel of my previous dream…

a sequel…maybe