Majid Jordan – Outro

Meeting with Ag is always supernatural. A cure, a solution, a  relief.

and im blessed to be one of his closed ones.
I learn so much from him every time there’s a sitting.
New songs, new life lessons, what’s happening in the market. the reality about people.

sometimes I wonder maybe its the distance that makes our bonding stronger cuz we meet after a month or two..and same time, I think to work together as our subconscious mind is united.


this time , he seemed changed when he said that non-chemistry between relationship is a good thing too!!
even in my dreams, I didn’t expect to hear this from a guy like him ..and this has moved me!..seriously!

Cuz his mind is my mind..



Majid Jordan – Outro

she, my childhood dream

she has the same old music taste.
she likes the same movie.
she’s brave.
she’s cries on movies just like me.
she got that smile I’d watch and not get tired.
She got those big eyes..those stares…
She shares the same joke.
she has a superior analysis thinking.
she hides her feelings.
she has that optimistic mindset .
she’s 23.
She got the looks I get lost into.
She got the body I adore all day.

– sometimes, when I’m just own my own,..her scent of calm, happiness blows me away out of blue , out of nowhere.



she, my childhood dream

Sweet Dreams

How fast can you dream. How valuable your dreams can be.

Cuz dreams happen in mind rather than in scale of time tangibly so they can be as fast as they can. They might happen to be according to our wish for pleasure, what we’re thinking or a sign, a warning maybe.

For example, I saw one apartment in my dream last night and it was really refreshing, from its white color & interior.White walls, white bed. I can still imagine the study room and the book shelf. It was unlike I’ve ever seen in real life.It was happiness. Somehow it gave a happy ending feeling. 😛
Its balcony where the corner end of it was made of see-through-window-glass and I could see thru the floor down below all the cityscape at a higher elevated level, it was one hell scary view!

I became an architect in my dreams.

Sweet dreams.

Sweet Dreams

Above The Trees (Dedo Remix)

I discovered this track and the album back in 2013.
I listened to these tracks a lot!

and then I forgot, maybe I found new playlist.

Last night, I found it again surprisingly while going through my facebook profile old timeline.


I haven’t  remember merely listening to a track and doing nothing… and it feels SO good. just me and my music, far away from anything.
but this made me feel like..past, present and future. It made me realized.

oh, i miss my good music.

sometimes i think i’m blessed with such music and artists.


Above The Trees (Dedo Remix)

I’m going back to the start

This is not who i am.

I used to be creative.
I used to think neutral.
I had good strong faith.

What time have become.
What i’ve become.
Where i have gone.
Have I gone too far.

I lost myself running, chasing for something.
I used to sleep without any thoughts or worries, empty heads.
I want to live a life now where i can go to bed with light head.

Now everything  i’m thinking about is my past.
Did i miss anything along way.
Tired of this chasing the same goal again n again.


I’m going back to the start

time is mean.ingful

Being in my home, i get home sick.

Its like when you blink your eyes and see it is the end.

I don’t know what I’m running for. Why it makes me happy. Knowing that its not really my happiness.

What I’ve lost.
What I’ve become.
Where am I going.
Why is it happening.

As they say, time flies.
How can I reverse time.
Time is mean, it is here because it has a meaning.

Think. Ask. Think again.

time is mean.ingful